I’ve never stopped painting since doing an art taster course back in 2015. It’s taken over my life, and thanks to my husband’s incredible patience, also our home! Often these days, I don’t need to talk, I need to paint! And since sharing my work, I’ve come to realise that many people connect with it which brings me great pleasure.

As I’ve made my way through courses, one thing I’ve come back to again and again, is the human figure. Painting is something that comes from deep within me, it conveys my emotions and tells a story. Painting the figure is one of the strongest ways I have of connecting with my audience and it never ceases to inspire me. That doesn’t mean I don’t paint other things too, including abstract pieces, but the figure is my first love.

Right now I am working mainly with oil and cold wax medium as it gives me the best of both worlds of abstraction and realism; of freedom and control. The abstraction is a great way in to my deeper emotions and the realism helps me refine the work. Cold wax medium allows the exquisite build-up of layers which can reveal beautiful effects and colours and give the painting a real sense of place, its own history in effect.

Originally from North London, I now live in Buckinghamshire and work from my home studio. I completed a Diploma in Oil Painting at the Norfolk Painting School and am exhibiting works there from my Boys Cry Too series during June and July 2019.

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