I am originally from North London but now live in Buckinghamshire and work from my home studio. Colour has increasingly become a source of investigation and exploration in my work and led me to new paths in inspiration and revelation. Whilst fascinated by figures and psychological atmospheres, increasingly my work has evolved to the natural world and showcases colour in all its magnificent variations, from blowsy pinks and reds to subtle silver blues and whites with hints of blush or peach. There is an infinity of shades of every colour in the natural world around us, some so unexpected and surprising whether it’s the humblest settings to the most majestic.

I once heard someone say that art calls attention to the miracle of our lives and I have always carried that as something beautiful and true. Art involves deep observation which often reveals wonder and joy, even in the mundane, a great motivator to pick up a brush or, more usually, a random tool, to express, explore and share it. Oils are predominant in my work, in combination with collage and various mixed media for added texture, along with expressive mark-making which helps to capture the feelings and qualities of the natural elements around us.